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Personal Testimonials
We have been very pleased with the Momentum product set and it has satisfied our various requirements. 

With Momentum the learning curve and ease of use has been an advantage. We have been able to streamline many of our processes and utilize Momentum to manage out-bound and in-bound encrypted files to various destinations. In addition, the availability of on-site support is very convenient when we recently upgraded our servers the end of last year. 

We rarely require the need to contact Momentum support service, but we are pleased with the quick responses to our various inquiries

Lisa M. Rourke
Amica Mutual Insurance Company
I thought that Rich did an excellent job at presenting the course material -  Erin Selby / Arvest

The instructor did everything perfectly. His speaking skills were excellent. He showed no frustration when I had difficulty understanding. His personality with the class was great. - Anonymous / USDA

Jim was an excellent teacher, all questions were answered so we could understand. - Joe McCann / QVC, Inc.

I think everything was well prepared + well thought out. I especially like that Rich is open to suggestions and improvement — Excellent Job!! — Michelle (Shelly) Rispens / Cardpro

Very informative class - The instructor was very well versed in all aspects of the training. — Gary Kawabana / Bisys, Inc.
I wanted to express my thanks and commend Rich Myslinski's professionalism and flexibility. Wright Express's technical division prides itself on technology success. That success is based on best practices, the key to making technology work. While Rich's agenda was directed more toward a quick-start follow-up training for the folks that will manage our Momentum installation, he was very flexible and supportive of my agenda which focused on the understanding and outlining best practices of Wright Express and Momentum.

We successfully accomplished a mutual technical understanding and developed the best practices framework that fit Wright Express's technical operations and Momentum's supported operaton. While we continue to work on the implementation, we do so with the understanding and confidence that success will be achieved every step along the way.

Again, thanks to Rich for tailoring the week's tasks and agenda so that our company objectives were met.

Bill Cox
Manager, Technical Operations
Wright Express
Technical Support
Dennis I just wanted to let you know what great support I get from Chuck Davis.

No matter what the issue is big or small he always takes the time to help me and never makes me feel like I am imposing on him.

I had an instance recently that I was trying to get a profile to work properly. I had exhausted my expertise.

So I called him. He dialed into our system and helped me through the issue and also gave me a couple of extra tips.

So I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate his help.

Thank you.

Sheryl Teague
Technical Applications System Specialist
Technical Operations
CSG Services
Dennis, Chuck Davis is fantastic working with for any Momentum challenges.

I recently presented him a FTP question utilizing IPSwitch WSFTPPro called from Momentum Application step. According to IPSwitch user’s documentation, their command line/batch can only be run one at a time. We anticipated that we would potentially be calling WSFTPPro multiple times thru out the day from different profiles and could cause conflicts. 

I contacted their support staff and they agreed that it had to be run one at a time. I contacted Chuck to see if Momentum could prevent this and he informed me by using the “prevent an application from starting multiple times� option will avoid running the batch file at the same time within any profile. This eliminated our conflict. 

However, he went beyond that request and contacted IPSwitch support also. He was told by another support person that their software was upgraded in the version we obtained to avoid this conflict also. He did point out the concern of running these steps in “single thread� mode, however we do not see that as a concern at this time. Once we go live with this, we will be monitoring the performance.

I would like to recognize his outstanding support by going the extra mile for us. Every time I have contacted him, he has provided reliable answers and more. He is very knowledgeable of the software. 

Also, thanks for all of your company’s support. Momentum application is a great tool to have and easy to use.  

Gurney Hatter
Alloya Corporate FCU
Operations and Support Services Specialist
4450 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555
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Hi Den,

The PASV parm was tested and appears to resolve the issue we’re experiencing. Thank you for the assistance and follow up on this issue. As always, Momentum’s support is leaps and bounds above other vendors including the “Big Guys”.


Bob McKinney
Operations Administrator
Independent Health Association
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Fantastic!!! Thank you Gail! (In response to an enhancement request)

Chuck, No rush, just let me know when you have a free moment to assist with the updated version. 

Thanks again for your exceptional support with this product.

Michael Schiffmacher | IT Technical Specialist | The Huntington National Bank | Phone: 614.331.8376 |