Managed File Transfer

FTP: Secure software is required
In an ideal world, one would have simply send large amounts of data to another computer with standard FTP. However, since there are dishonest people out there (hackers), standard FTP isn't good enough - at least for file transfers outside of your safe environment.

FTP does not encrypt the data being transfered. Nor does it encrypt the user name or the passowrd used to log on to the FTP account.

You can use additional software to encrypt the data before the transfer, but you can't encrypt the user name and password.

To make FTP transfers secure, you should use SSH or SSL protocols.
Which secure FTP software is right for you?
Actually SSH FTP  (SFTP) and FTP SSL (FTPS) are both right. That's because different remote customers or partners will require different protocols.

Implementing both need not be complicated if you choose the proper software.
Secure FTP file transfer hosting with Momentum Systems
Modern business practices rely on secure electronic data communication and file transfer manager systems.

The Secure Network Gateway software suite from Momentum Systems allows for secure FTP file transfer hosting and much more. Besides hosting SSH and SSL transfers, Momentum has an automated solution to let you process the files involved in the transfer.

The software allows for generation of automatic notification and confirmations with transfers to reduce the need for administration and reduce costs. E-mail, faxes and even archiving solutions are also facilitated with the Secure Network Gateway suite. 

When secure FTP software is employed, do not settle for a single use application. Implement the Secure Network Gateway to bring simple, efficient data communication management and more to your network.
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