Managed File Transfer

Discover simplicity and efficiency with Secure Network Gateway, our bundled file transfer management software for secure FTP communications. Or investigate our stand alone products including Secure File Transfer, SFTP/SSH, Secure Web Mailbox, and other Internet file delivery products. 

Our newest product is an automated, secure and intelligent FTP Client. The product, Secure AutoFTP, offers a high performance automated FTP client supporting SSL retrievals from SSL FTP servers. Secure AutoFTP can be configured to scan an unlimited number of SSL FTP servers each with up to 500 subfolders. The product also offers a point-and-click interface and is easy to install.

Momentum Systems' products are positioned to: 

  • Provide an easy migration path from script-based communications products to automated GUI-based communications
  • Distribute information from an organization's web server to trading partners/suppliers/vendors and to back-end business applications 
  • Transfer internal information via IP over a company-wide Intranet 
  • Provide a web-based file delivery solution driven by a web browser 
  • Replace traditional mainframe file communications products 
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce operational costs 
  • Improve network security with SSL-based, SFTP/SSH, and HTTPs file transfer options

Provide a robust managed fast file transfer solution that can handle any volume of traffic.

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Our managed file transfer software retrieves, identifies and directs the processing of files based upon information you have selected and entered in a GUI application.
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