Managed File Transfer

Securing your file transfer server
Your file transfer server needs specialized software.

 Good software will protect your network against hackers and manage any large file transfer needs. To ensure that your data transmissions are encrypted, secure FTP software must be used to overcome the security issues inherent in basic FTP exchanges. 

Of course, this will not address any issues with e-mail security or allow for fax transmissions. A complete software solution, such as Secure Network Gateway, is necessary to guarantee the security of your large file transfer server.
Simple and secure FTP software
Because HTTP, the basic protocol of the Internet, is not suited for large amounts of data, large file transfer programs were created. 

The basic system designed for this purpose, known as FTP, does not encrypt user names or password data. To create secure FTP, software either adds SSL protocols or uses an SSH file transfer based protocol to replace normal FTP. Both have their uses. SSL enabled FTP is common but certain applications rely on the SSH protocol. 

Ideally, managed file transfer and automated file transfer software is able to deal with either system.
The managed file transfer solution
Momentum Systems has created the ultimate managed file transfer software suite. 

Secure Network Gateway facilitates secure FTP using SSL or SSH as well as allowing for multiple fax transmissions and secure e-mail. It is designed to be simple to operate yet provide the highest levels of security. It also allows automated file transfer to help reduce the need for administration, and fast file transfer to increase system efficiency for large jobs.
Advantages of automated file transfer
Secure Network Gateway allows the user to set up automated file transfer protocols that can be used to send confirmations with large data transmissions. 

It also allows unlimited workflow profile licenses for convenient implementation among multiple clients. The entire suite is designed to replace traditional mainframe communication software with an efficient, easy to use and cost effective data communications solution.
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