Managed File Transfer

Which file transfer protocol?
To transfer the large amounts of data necessary for most commercial applications today, more than one file transfer protocal is needed to strike the balance between security and efficiency. 

The original system developed (FTP) easily facilitates large data transfers but has real security shortcomings so an alternate solution must be selected. Your large file transfer server needs to be able to handle the various protocols used by file transfer programs you are likely to come across as you deal with other companies' networks. 

Additionally, your server software should be able to facilitate not only large data transfers but also make your system as simple and efficient as possible. 
Large file transfer server software
Your large file transfer server software needs to be able to help you in a variety of ways. It is more than a simple firewall monitoring what comes through your server. 

Besides allowing highly secure two-way data communication, Secure Network Gateway increases your system's efficiency by allowing you to set up automated confirmation and notifications as well as managing archiving and e-mail functions. It is designed to replace your traditional mainframe communication products with this simple and efficient system. 

Of course, it is also able to deal with various secure File Transfer Protocal (FTP) solutions such as FTP using SSL and SSH enabled FTP. You will be able to perform large-scale data transfers in a secure manner with any computer system your clients may be using. 

Secure Network Gateway will allow you to construct a complete system to deal not only with transferring large amounts of data in a simple, secure manner ideal for sensitive applications in the financial and health care industries but also automatically send confirmations and other notifications and oversee e-mail and archival functions.
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