Managed File Transfer

Robust file transfer programs
The Internet has become an integral part of today's business environment. Massive amounts of data are exchanged every single day between companies in all manner of industries. Companies that never dreamed of using computers twenty years ago have now come to rely on them for commerce, record keeping and communication solutions. 

Because sensitive information can also be intercepted on the Internet, secure file transfer programs are necessary. Standard exchange protocols alone, such as FTP, have easily exploited breaches in their security to ensure the safety of important information. A very secure web file download manager is just the beginning; software needs to be able to manage incoming and outgoing data from secure FTP software as well as e-mail. Also, there are multiple protocols in use so file transfer programs should be able to easily use whatever is necessary for your application.
More than just a very secure web file download manager
The Secure Network Gateway software suite is a very secure web file download manager with many other powerful features that make it an incredibly versatile solution to data communication needs. 

Automated and managed file transfer processes are facilitated via SSL-based FTP or SSH/FTP. Automated e-mail based notifications and confirmations streamline the information exchange process allowing for an overall reduction in administration and costs. 

Fax, archiving and e-mail functions are also supported in a secure manner. 

The versatility and encryption afforded by the Secure Network Gateway software makes it suitable for implementation even in industries requiring the most stringent security. The overall simple and efficient design allows it to be easily adopted by any business.
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