Managed File Transfer

Hosting secure FTP based services
Many businesses have found that hosting secure FTP based service systems are the answer to their data communication needs. To create a system that is able to facilitate all of your company's fast file transfer needs often takes several software products. 

However, the Secure Network Gateway suite allows high performance file transfer functions in a truly secure environment with a variety of protocols. Now, hosting secure FTP based service and more is easily implemented with a single software suite.
High performance file transfer features
The Secure Network Gateway suite is more than just a way to perform secure FTP operations. It is a high performance file transfer manager with an incredible amount of features including: 

  • Secure File Transfer with SSL based FTP and SSH/FTP file exchanges 
  • PGP automatic encryption/decryption support 
  • Unlimited workflow profile licenses 
  • HTTPs transfers via Secure Web Mailbox 
  • Confirmations and notifications with Auto E-Mail 

With all of these features and more, Secure Network Gateway is the perfect solution to data communication needs for businesses of all types. Its versatility and functionality is useful especially for those needing secure transmission of large amounts of information such as financial groups. Among all of the suite's features, the most powerful may be its easy to use automated file transfer ability.
Automated file transfer reduces administration
By automatically attending to mundane data transmission such as notifications and confirmations generated by other processes, less time is needed to administer the Secure Network Gateway software. Because of the reduced administration, these automated file transfer features save your company money. Additionally, the efficient and streamlined approach of this single suite solution further reduces the need for expensive oversight of your data transmission systems and eliminates the need for multiple software products from differing vendors.
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