Managed File Transfer

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Secure Network Gateway:
Managed file transfer
Momentum Systems' Secure Network Gateway provides workflow-driven managed file transfer software, including Secure FTP, that simplifies, automates, and secures the exchange of files between an organization's business processes and its customers.

The packaged solution provides methods for Internet secure file transfer while providing an alternative to legacy dial-up communications. It establishes an easily scalable file transmission gateway thus lowering the cost of managing and administering file communication. The Secure Network Gateway also creates an automatic flow of files between applications and clients and delivers automatic confirmations and notifications of receipt. 

The Secure Network Gateway software suite is more than simply secure FTP software for your file transfer server. It is a powerful piece of file transfer management software with the ability to oversee FTP style transfers and also fax, e-mail and archival applications. It also employs automated fast file transfer capabilities to reduce the need for oversight. Overall, the Secure Network Gateway is simple, efficient software with many powerful features that we invite you to explore. 

Since 1989 Momentum Systems has been providing business-to-business file communications software and delivering integration and support services for the secure, reliable, and cost-effective exchange of data between an organization, its trading partners, and the Enterprise. Momentum products and services are used by clients worldwide to solve mission-critical problems and save money. 
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